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Using the Ultimate Alternative Quail Restoration program, we achieved  levels of success no Quail manager had ever thought possible. It’s as good or better than wild bird hunting moving 30 40 or 50 coveys in a day. Using a combination of intensive microhabitat management, specific quail genetics, and my proprietary predator proof fence to control interference and harassment of game birds by predators.
Following this program we established 110 coveys of quail on 650 acres in two years.  We achieved a all time high 7 quail per acre. We hit and maintained a covey every 6 acres for 6 years.  This program has set a new standard of excellence. A standard that every quail hunter and property owner with challenging circumstances needs to hear about to understand the possibilities.



I don’t believe any one has spent more time researching early release systems than me. Just to name a few I studied.  There was the soft release, the slow release and the dump release. There is the three-week old, five-week old, seven-week old and the 16 week old release systems. There's the anchor system the surrogate propagation system. There's even a chicken and a bucket release system.
Of the release systems I studied, several have proven to have a low chance of success. But others can be very effective under the right circumstances. The secret to achieving good success.  Is matching the correct release system to the habitat and characteristic of a piece of property. And the secret to having great success is everything else. Genetics, timing, preparation, habitat creation or removal.  Whether to plant food plots or not to plant food plots. Understanding what feeding methods that will work best for your situation. 
When it comes to early release systems you have to follow the steps. Because each one of the steps is critical. If you miss or over look just one step it could mean total project failure. 
I want you to know early release systems can be very successful if you know what to do and when to do it.



At the core this release systems has been around for almost a hundred 100 years. In fact as a young hunt club manager 40 years ago. We used  this system to provide field hunting for our members to hunt.  Historically hunters have been dissatisfied with this method of hunting. But it was the only game in town. Everyone used it. In fact most still do. This system or some version of this system has been and still is a mainstay of the hunt club industry.
Often the birds do not flush natural. They fly low making it unsafe for hunters and dogs alike. Or they hop only a short distance and go back down. 
As far back as I can remember I thought “is this the best we can do”.
So for 40 years I tinkered, adjusted and changed everything about it until I develop my own version. This is the version I teach.
My version provides a more natural feel of covey size and performance. This is not the old put and take or kick and shoot method of hunting released birds. 
For many sportsmen and landowners this is their best option for hunting on their property. And this version takes the same day release concept to a whole new level of fun and excitement.

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